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What to ask your wedding venue provider

A perfect wedding doesn’t just happen, it is the result of hard work and the planning of all the big and little details that then have to be executed on the day. One of the larger details is planning your wedding venue. Your wedding venue is not only a major determinant of your wedding success but also one of the greatest expenses your wedding would incur. You, therefore want to get it right.

Getting it right when it comes to your venue is all about asking the right questions. Being presumptuous or having unanswered questions can lead to extra stress on your wedding day. To avoid this, it’s important to really understand what you are getting out of your choice of venue and if it satisfies you. Here are questions you should ask your wedding venue provider to help you make informed decision;

    • How many people does the venue accommodate?
    • What is the rental cost and are there hidden charges? Also, ask if there are perks for off-season bookings.
    • Ask about their cancellation policies. In what scenarios do you get a full refund and what options exist for different periods?
    • How many hours does the rental go for? Can there be an extension? If there is at what cost?
    • Is the site accessible and mobile to handicaps?
    • Is there a loading dock? If you will need to use an elevator, will it be appropriate for loadings?
    • Is the venue season adaptable? That is, are there coat racks to for cold and rainy seasons? This may be a good time to also enquire about security measures in place at the venue.
    • Ask about the lighting available in the area. Since you are likely to visit during the daytime, ensure the lighting fits the time of the event and the mood you want to set. Ask if the lighting can be adjusted to suit your preference
    • Ask about restrictions. Some venues may be restricted in their offering of things such as alcohol, volume set, decorations and catering. Ask if you’ll have to be providing any of this yourself.
    • Ask if the venue provides caterers and you have to use their caterers or if you need to get yours. If they have and you can still use yours, ask if you’ll have access to kitchen equipment, if you need to store or prepare food/drinks.
    • Ask if the venue allows for multiple events to determine if your celebration won’t be disturbed by other events.
    • If you are considering having your wedding outdoors, ask if the venue provider has contingency plans for the space if the weather turns bad. Ask what they are.
    • Find out how much flexibility you have during your rental period. Can you redecorate, move things around and to what extent?
    • Ask about parking packages. Do they offer valet service? At what price? If they don’t, ask about how your guests will park their cars and how those taking public transport will access the venue.

Be sure to record these responses so that everything is clear and allows you to have the perfect wedding day at your perfect wedding venue.

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