Ideas on How to Decorate a Wedding Venue

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They say that the wedding is one of the most important events in the life of a person. That’s why you should pay special attention to decorating your wedding venue.

After all, your wedding venue is the place where you will start a new chapter in your life. In that location, you will make a vow to spend the rest of your life to the person you love most.

The wedding venue must be able to represent the sacredness of the occasion. It must also look good for the family and friends who will share your special day with you. Below are some ideas on how to decorate a wedding venue.

Say it with flowers

One of the simplest ways to decorate your wedding venue is to add flowers to it, lots of it. If you are not good at flower arrangement, simply hire a professional florist to do the job and take the stress of floral perfection away from you.

Of course, the choice of flowers is also important, be sure to check what is in season and is suitable for your venue before you make the call.

If you want your wedding to be traditional and romantic, then roses are the way to go. Depending on your budget, of course, you can opt to have more exotic flowers on your venue. The best thing about flowers is that you can reuse them. It is a common practice, for example, to use the same flowers used in the wedding ceremony venue in the reception venue.

Keep your theme in mind

When decorating your wedding venue, you should never lose sight of your theme. All the elements in the venue should look like they belong to each other. It is not advisable to mix themes. Doing so will confuse your guests and will provide the feeling that the wedding is not well thought off.

You should also strive to decorate according to the season. If you are having a summer wedding, for example, then you should use bright colours such as reds and greens. Focus on the details, the decorations should cover the whole venue from the entrance up to the nooks and crannies if you want to really make the whole place feel tied together nicely.

Convey the right mood

Of course, you want your wedding to be fun for the guests. But you must also keep in mind that it is also a sacred occasion. Therefore, it is necessary to convey a romantic and serene mood, you probably don’t want your wedding to end up feeling like a rave party.

This can be achieved through the colours that you will use and also through proper lighting. If you are clueless when it comes to decorating, then it is always a good idea to hire a professional or speak to the venue to get some ideas that may work for you.

How to Choose Wedding Venue

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As a couple planning a wedding, choosing your wedding venue can be one of the most involved decisions you’ll have to make. The wedding venue that you choose will subsequently shape a number of aspects of the wedding. Including, but not limited to: the remainder of your wedding budget and how you choose your vendors and the décor.

Be sure to assign a large plenty of time to finding your perfect venue, as it can be quite a task sorting through the plethora of options out there!

There are multiple factors to consider before making your final wedding venue decision, these include:

* Your wedding budget: To avoid exorbitant expenses, be sure to set a wedding venue budget and stick to it. You and your fiancé should both decide on how much you will like to spend to get a venue. Be sure to do some research on the rates of the venues that fit into your budget. This will give you an indication of what to expect and help you avoid falling in love with a wedding venue that is way above your budget.

* Number of wedding guests: Do an estimate of the number of people that you will be inviting to the wedding. Ensure that the venue you are considering will have the capacity to can accommodate the number of guests that will be attending. Understand that hosting a sit-down meal over a cocktail style function will result in the venue will likely accommodate less guests.

* Preferred dates and availability: Find out if the venue you want will be available on the date that you need it. Many venues can be contacted directly by email or have online channels to check availability. It is always good to cross check for the venue’s availability in person if attending a site visit.

* Theme and Styling: The theme or styling of your wedding can be heavily influenced by your chosen wedding venue. If you have you have a set theme in mind, ensure your wedding venue is suitable or can make the necessary adjustments to suit you’re desired theme.

* Location and accessibility: The location of your wedding venue is one of the most important factors to consider. Take the time to work out how guests are able to travel from your ceremony to reception venue, swell as how long it should take. If guests have travelled, be sure to advise of accomodation that is suitably located to your wedding venue.

Driving will often be required to travel from your ceremony to reception venue so it’s important to organise parking before the date and ensure all guests are notified of parking arrangements.

* Catering: Find out if you can bring in your own caterer or the venue has an exclusive caterer that you have to use. Catering takes a large chunk of the wedding budget so good venues will often allow for a tasting prior to booking if you’re concerned about the quality of catering they would provide.

When to send wedding reception invitations

When it comes to wedding reception invitations, designs, paper styles and personalised envelopes won’t mean anything until they’re in the hands of your intended guests. When planning and event like a wedding, timing is often crucial.

It is important to send out the wedding reception invitations at the right time. Your wedding guests will need to receive the wedding invitation with enough time to ensure they make all the plans necessary to be able to attend your special day.


Before the official invitation, guests should be informed of the upcoming wedding with a save the date notice. Save the dates should be sent out 6-8 months prior to the wedding invitations to allow your guests to have enough time to plan their schedule and make any arrangements required before the wedding reception.

Many couples are now opting to have a wedding website that provides guests with any additional information that may not appear on the invitation. If you intend to provide guests with a wedding website, you can include a link to the web page when sending out your save the dates.


Traditionally speaking, wedding reception invitations should be sent out to intended guests roughly 6-8 weeks prior to the wedding date. Doing this will afford your guests the time to make any necessary preparations, as well as allowing any guests that are required to travel to the wedding, sufficient time to make travel arrangements.

You may be planning a destination wedding, that is, a wedding in a location away from home, which often requires additional travel arrangements. If it is a destination wedding you are planning on having, then the wedding invitations should go out well ahead of time so that your guests can have more time to make preparations towards the event.

The wedding reception invitation for a destination wedding should be sent out three months in advance.


To ensure your guests are well informed about your upcoming day, your wedding invitations should be sure to include certain details. Most importantly, the wedding invitation should clearly show – The names of the couple getting married, clearly displayed date and time of the wedding and the exact location of the ceremony and/or reception. It is also courteous to provide guests with a map, or directions to the venue.

Additionally, if your wedding requires guests to adhere to a certain dress code, guests should be made aware of this on the invitation. Particularly relevant for destination weddings, if you have any planned activities or rehearsals for your guests at or prior to your wedding, those involved should have the details included on their invitations. Alternatively, if you’re planning to have a web page for your wedding, you can include the details there.

When you are ready to begin sending the invitations to your guests, take care to address the envelope of the wedding reception invitation carefully by writing the names of the invited guests with their appropriate titles in full. Put the return address on the back flap of the envelope to make it easiest for postal RSVPs. Always include additional contact details for your guests in case your preferred method of RSVP is unreachable at any time.


In order to establish an accurate head count for your wedding, the deadline for the RSVP should be set 3 weeks before the wedding date. Three weeks should be enough time to put the final touches to your seating arrangement as well as enough time to give the caterer the total number of guests that will be attending the event.

What to ask your wedding venue provider

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A perfect wedding doesn’t just happen, it is the result of hard work and the planning of all the big and little details that then have to be executed on the day. One of the larger details is planning your wedding venue. Your wedding venue is not only a major determinant of your wedding success but also one of the greatest expenses your wedding would incur. You, therefore want to get it right.

Getting it right when it comes to your venue is all about asking the right questions. Being presumptuous or having unanswered questions can lead to extra stress on your wedding day. To avoid this, it’s important to really understand what you are getting out of your choice of venue and if it satisfies you. Here are questions you should ask your wedding venue provider to help you make informed decision;

    • How many people does the venue accommodate?
    • What is the rental cost and are there hidden charges? Also, ask if there are perks for off-season bookings.
    • Ask about their cancellation policies. In what scenarios do you get a full refund and what options exist for different periods?
    • How many hours does the rental go for? Can there be an extension? If there is at what cost?
    • Is the site accessible and mobile to handicaps?
    • Is there a loading dock? If you will need to use an elevator, will it be appropriate for loadings?
    • Is the venue season adaptable? That is, are there coat racks to for cold and rainy seasons? This may be a good time to also enquire about security measures in place at the venue.
    • Ask about the lighting available in the area. Since you are likely to visit during the daytime, ensure the lighting fits the time of the event and the mood you want to set. Ask if the lighting can be adjusted to suit your preference
    • Ask about restrictions. Some venues may be restricted in their offering of things such as alcohol, volume set, decorations and catering. Ask if you’ll have to be providing any of this yourself.
    • Ask if the venue provides caterers and you have to use their caterers or if you need to get yours. If they have and you can still use yours, ask if you’ll have access to kitchen equipment, if you need to store or prepare food/drinks.
    • Ask if the venue allows for multiple events to determine if your celebration won’t be disturbed by other events.
    • If you are considering having your wedding outdoors, ask if the venue provider has contingency plans for the space if the weather turns bad. Ask what they are.
    • Find out how much flexibility you have during your rental period. Can you redecorate, move things around and to what extent?
    • Ask about parking packages. Do they offer valet service? At what price? If they don’t, ask about how your guests will park their cars and how those taking public transport will access the venue.

Be sure to record these responses so that everything is clear and allows you to have the perfect wedding day at your perfect wedding venue.

How to plan an intimate wedding

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Getting married doesn’t need to be a big ordeal, with hundreds of guests, extravagant  wedding venues and unrealistic budgets. Many instead opt for an intimate wedding, with only their closest friends and family members. This leaves the wedding guests as only the people that are dearest and closest to the bride and groom. In turn allowing the day to be enjoyed by the people you love the most.

Having an intimate wedding means you don’t have to face a lot of unfamiliar faces that you hardly know on your big day. To do this, you and your family members will have to cut down on the list of invitees and only invite those that are closest and dearest to the family.


As an intimate wedding involves having fewer guests, having a well-prepared budget will allow you to perfectly cater for your guests, having everything just the way you want for your dream wedding. A carefully budgeted intimate wedding can remove the pitfalls often involved with a large ceremony that can involve a lot of guests and having to cut corners to meet up with costs of hosting them for your wedding.


Hiring a wedding planner for your special day will help you organise every aspect of your wedding, allowing you to capture every detail. Many people are of the opinion that planning a small wedding is easy however, an intimate wedding can require everything to be perfectly in place meaning paying attention to the finer details can be even more important. Having a wedding planner can help you make sure that nothing is missed for your perfect day.


An intimate wedding with a small number of guests gives you a chance to give your guests a treat. You can then easily think of having the best champagne for your guests, amazing flower arrangements and memorable food. You can have six-course meals, lovely gift baskets and a great atmosphere. Going that extra mile for your guests will certainly leave a lasting impression.


Having fewer guests at your intimate wedding makes it easier to get everyone involved. To make the day fun and enjoyable for you and your guests, you can have every invited guest have a special reading or have them stand in a circle around you as the vows are exchanged. Having your close friends and family involved in parts of your wedding can make your day that little bit more special.


Having a more intimate wedding gives you the freedom to chose a wedding venue that is perfectly suited, or customisable to your day. There are a lot of options for spaces like this like Brisbane’s, Transcontinental Hotel, cosy cabins in the Byron Bar Hinterland, Wineries in South Australia or any other place with exquisite views available are perfect for when you are not having too many guests on your big day.

Best underrated places to get married in Australia

A lot of time and effort goes into planning a wedding to ensure that all goes well without any difficulties. There is so much to do from planning the guest list, looking for the right caterers, to picking out the right suit and gown to make both of you look radiant on that special day.

The most important aspect when it comes to planning a wedding is choosing a wedding venue. There are several amazing venues around Australia that many people are yet to discover. This is the perfect opportunity if you are looking for a unique, hidden gem of a wedding venue.


Fernbank Farm located in Central Coast NSW can be described as a unique property that features a large styling and theming store overflowing with vintage antiques; as well as a huge timber barn filled French provincial and industrial items.

Fernbank Farm boasts a large land area of 25 acres with two beautiful homes nestled within. The large lake situated in the garden extends along 10 acres of the property as well as a stunning rustic arbour that sits right across a lotus lily pond.


Located in the Mornington Peninsula Hinterland, The Epicurean Red Hill focuses on custom wedding celebrations.

Charmingly historic, The Epicurean perfectly blends the old and the new, as the modern industrial stylings perfectly compliment the building’s historic characteristics. For those seeking variety, there are several spaces to host your wedding that are all beautifully decorated to make your day extra special.


Weddings at K1 are defined by their uniqueness, as the number of weddings are purposely limited each year to ensure that every ceremony is special. Situated within vineyards in the rolling Adelaide Hills, K1 caters to both indoor and outdoor weddings giving you the choice of a picture-perfect lakeside or chalet ceremony.

The Chalet also plays the perfect host to an intimate reception in which K1 offers a range of local Geoff Hardy wine packages that can be perfectly matched with catering by award-winning chef, Glen Carr.


The Transcontinental Hotel is the perfect wedding venue for the contemporary couple. Its exposed brick walls, enchanting Victorian style, and remarkable food prepared by hatted Chef Rob Campbell, will make your dream wedding a reality.

As one of Brisbane’s most flexible wedding locations, you will be able to customise the food, wedding decoration, venue space and even the drinks menu, to bring to life what you had in mind. Located in the heart of Brisbane, this stunning heritage building will transform into your perfect wedding venue.

Heritage listed wedding venues in Brisbane

The Transcontinental Hotel is an exceptional wedding venue for the contemporary couple. Having undergone a custom-made refurbishing in 2014, its exposed brick walls and charming Victorian style will make your nuptials seem like magic. The Transcontinental Hotel is located in Brisbane, opposite the Roma Street train station on George Street, half way between the central district and Suncorp Stadium.

The ‘Trans’ Hotel offers one-of-a-kind, hands-on service each stride of the way, which means enjoyment all the way. The exceptional food prepared by hatted headed by Chef Rob Campbell will make your dreams materialise through an assortment of delectable dishes for guest at the wedding. The Transcontinental Hotel has proven to be one of the most flexible wedding and engagement locations in Brisbane.

Located in the heart of the central business district, this magnificent 1880’s heritage building was constructed when the Victorian style was in which, which still shows today.

Most weddings or engagements are hosted in a reserved area on the second floor called the Platform Bar. This area contains a timber u-shaped bar, dance floor, multiple sitting areas, bathrooms and a private balcony spanning the length of the building.

The presence of incredible and devoted staff will make for a perfect wedding event, and time you will never forget. The Trans Hotel Brisbane will go over and above the call of duty including additional support, such as organising table arrangements, entertainment and flowers. They are indeed lifesavers. The Trans Hotel offers excellent and outstanding service in each and every aspect.

Usually, weddings can cost a pretty penny, which can make a couple a little terrified. The Transcontinental Hotel maintains a very reasonable price that ensures customers enjoy their day with money left over for the honeymoon.

The hotel can assist you with any preplanning activities for weddings.

At the Transcontinental Hotel, Brisbane: attention to details, exceptional service, affordability and elegant solutions culminating to an unforgettable evening is our goal.