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How to Choose Wedding Venue

As a couple planning a wedding, choosing your wedding venue can be one of the most involved decisions you’ll have to make. The wedding venue that you choose will subsequently shape a number of aspects of the wedding. Including, but not limited to: the remainder of your wedding budget and how you choose your vendors and the décor.

Be sure to assign a large plenty of time to finding your perfect venue, as it can be quite a task sorting through the plethora of options out there!

There are multiple factors to consider before making your final wedding venue decision, these include:

* Your wedding budget: To avoid exorbitant expenses, be sure to set a wedding venue budget and stick to it. You and your fiancé should both decide on how much you will like to spend to get a venue. Be sure to do some research on the rates of the venues that fit into your budget. This will give you an indication of what to expect and help you avoid falling in love with a wedding venue that is way above your budget.

* Number of wedding guests: Do an estimate of the number of people that you will be inviting to the wedding. Ensure that the venue you are considering will have the capacity to can accommodate the number of guests that will be attending. Understand that hosting a sit-down meal over a cocktail style function will result in the venue will likely accommodate less guests.

* Preferred dates and availability: Find out if the venue you want will be available on the date that you need it. Many venues can be contacted directly by email or have online channels to check availability. It is always good to cross check for the venue’s availability in person if attending a site visit.

* Theme and Styling: The theme or styling of your wedding can be heavily influenced by your chosen wedding venue. If you have you have a set theme in mind, ensure your wedding venue is suitable or can make the necessary adjustments to suit you’re desired theme.

* Location and accessibility: The location of your wedding venue is one of the most important factors to consider. Take the time to work out how guests are able to travel from your ceremony to reception venue, swell as how long it should take. If guests have travelled, be sure to advise of accomodation that is suitably located to your wedding venue.

Driving will often be required to travel from your ceremony to reception venue so it’s important to organise parking before the date and ensure all guests are notified of parking arrangements.

* Catering: Find out if you can bring in your own caterer or the venue has an exclusive caterer that you have to use. Catering takes a large chunk of the wedding budget so good venues will often allow for a tasting prior to booking if you’re concerned about the quality of catering they would provide.

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