Kris Wason

An award winning musician, with his original songs reaching the top 10 on the music

charts, Kris was born into a family of musicians and has been performing since he

was 11. Playing acoustic, electric and bass guitar, keyboards as well as

harmonica, Kris performs predominately mainstream music, and has a diverse,

extensive song list

His versatile vocals and soulful guitar accompaniment are in demand interstate and

in Brisbane, the Sunshine Coast and Gold Coast.Inspired by the talents and anthems

of the Bee Gees, Franki Valli, Michael Jackson, Crowded House, Bruno Mars, Guy

Sebastian, and more recently hit-maker and balladeer, Ed Sheeran, Kris has his own

unique style that is more than an amalgam of influences, but a product of his


“I’m self-taught in every aspect in music, even vocals. I picked up the acoustic guitar,

my father showed me a couple chords and I took the rest from there”

A seasoned soloist as well as front man for his band Flipside, Kris has generated the

following and the professional reputation that allows him to dedicate himself solely to

his craft.

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