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Trending Themes for Your Engagement Party

Now that you have a beautiful love to tie the knot with, it’s time for you to plan your engagement party! Your engagement party should be one for the books. After all, it is the last party that you will ever throw as a single woman. It should be memorable, fun and your guests should have an absolute blast, but most of all reflect the love and happiness you’re undoubtedly feeling. Below are some of the trending themes for your engagement party.

The retro themed party

Of course, the word retro can mean many things. You can have a 90s, 80s, 70s, 60s or even pre-war themed parties. Retro parties are always fun because it allows guests to revisit bygone eras or experience things that they have seen only from old movies and television shows or have heard from their parents and grandparents. If you and your partner have shared interests from an era gone by, this can be a great way to reflect your relationship and celebrate!

The romantic themed party

Romantic themed parties are a favourite for many brides. After all, they are about to embark on the most romantic chapter in their lives. Romantic themed parties are also a hit among single women who are hopeful that their turn to throw an engagement party will come soon.

When throwing romantic themed party, you must get the mood right. This could mean, using pastel colours and tulle and organza for the table drapes, chairs, railings and the ceiling. Of course, nothing spells romance more than flowers, particularly roses.

Don’t forget to scatter rose petals everywhere from the floor to the tables. The venue must be well lit of course, but it wouldn’t hurt if you will place candles on each table. For the music, choose romantic tunes that will fill the air with love.

The Hawaiian Luau Themed Party

Maybe you didn’t get engaged in Hawaii, or maybe it is just a dream for you to get married or spend your honeymoon there. But you can always have a Hawaiian themed party wherever you are on the planet.
Contrary to what you might think, you can have a Hawaiian themed party both for indoor and outdoor venues. This kind of party is perfect for those who are wishing for some sun and sand. Plus, wouldn’t it be fun to have all the groomsmen in Hawaiian shirt and all the bridesmaids in grass skirts?

Bespoke Theme

As the celebration is about the love of you and your partner, why not create a theme that totally reflects your individual relationship. Find out what you both enjoy the most together and let your party become a canvas!

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