When to send wedding reception invitations

When it comes to wedding reception invitations, designs, paper styles and personalised envelopes won’t mean anything until they’re in the hands of your intended guests. When planning and event like a wedding, timing is often crucial.

It is important to send out the wedding reception invitations at the right time. Your wedding guests will need to receive the wedding invitation with enough time to ensure they make all the plans necessary to be able to attend your special day.


Before the official invitation, guests should be informed of the upcoming wedding with a save the date notice. Save the dates should be sent out 6-8 months prior to the wedding invitations to allow your guests to have enough time to plan their schedule and make any arrangements required before the wedding reception.

Many couples are now opting to have a wedding website that provides guests with any additional information that may not appear on the invitation. If you intend to provide guests with a wedding website, you can include a link to the web page when sending out your save the dates.


Traditionally speaking, wedding reception invitations should be sent out to intended guests roughly 6-8 weeks prior to the wedding date. Doing this will afford your guests the time to make any necessary preparations, as well as allowing any guests that are required to travel to the wedding, sufficient time to make travel arrangements.

You may be planning a destination wedding, that is, a wedding in a location away from home, which often requires additional travel arrangements. If it is a destination wedding you are planning on having, then the wedding invitations should go out well ahead of time so that your guests can have more time to make preparations towards the event.

The wedding reception invitation for a destination wedding should be sent out three months in advance.


To ensure your guests are well informed about your upcoming day, your wedding invitations should be sure to include certain details. Most importantly, the wedding invitation should clearly show – The names of the couple getting married, clearly displayed date and time of the wedding and the exact location of the ceremony and/or reception. It is also courteous to provide guests with a map, or directions to the venue.

Additionally, if your wedding requires guests to adhere to a certain dress code, guests should be made aware of this on the invitation. Particularly relevant for destination weddings, if you have any planned activities or rehearsals for your guests at or prior to your wedding, those involved should have the details included on their invitations. Alternatively, if you’re planning to have a web page for your wedding, you can include the details there.

When you are ready to begin sending the invitations to your guests, take care to address the envelope of the wedding reception invitation carefully by writing the names of the invited guests with their appropriate titles in full. Put the return address on the back flap of the envelope to make it easiest for postal RSVPs. Always include additional contact details for your guests in case your preferred method of RSVP is unreachable at any time.


In order to establish an accurate head count for your wedding, the deadline for the RSVP should be set 3 weeks before the wedding date. Three weeks should be enough time to put the final touches to your seating arrangement as well as enough time to give the caterer the total number of guests that will be attending the event.

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